Skåneligan 23

Type LL
Class Open
League Skåneligan höst
Date and time 18 december 2004
City Lund
Participants 14
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Plac Name Club
1. Peter Stensmyr BHK Möllan Rouge
2. Rickard Sjöstedt BHK Möllan Rouge
3. Petter Bengtsson BHK Möllan Rouge
4. Hans E Lindqwist BK Brottsling
5. Martin Arenlind BHK Möllan Rouge
6. Adam Kier BK Brottsling
7. Markus Nilsson BHK Möllan Rouge
8. Rasmus Olausson Ericsson
9. Martin Levin Ericsson
10. David Meyer Helsingborg
11. Tibor Rathonyi Lund
12. Tobias Junno Ericsson
13. Erik Ledfelt Ericsson
14. Jesper Persson BK Brottsling