Göteborg Open

Type GP+WT
Class Open
Organizer Bröderna Grym
Date and time 16 november 2019 (10:00 - 18:00)
City Göteborg
Venue Masthuggets hus (show map)
Participants 48
Links Results page


Welcome to Göteborg Open 2019 part of the World table hockey tour


Swedish Players that have an account on bordshockey.net can register here on the tournament page. Otherwise please send an email to markus1.bengtsson@gmail.com and include the following informaion.

  • Full name
  • Country

Registration Closes on Thursday 14 Nov at 20:00

Registration fee: 200 SEK or 20 EURO Juniors 50 SEK or 5 EURO



Contact: If you have any questions please Contact markus1.bengtsson@gmail.com


The best way to get to the venue is to take bus number 60 to paradisgatan.

The after party will be held at restaurant Kellys at Andra långgatan 28



08:00 venue opens for warm up. Check-in starts

09:30 Check-in Closes and information

10:00 Basic groups

12:00 Lunch

13:00 Final and placement groups

15:30 Round of 16

16:30 Quaterfinals

17:30 Semifinals

18:30 Final / Bronze medal game


Play off 21 games will be used with the new pucks

Committee of Referees

Matti Månsson

Peter Östlund

Simon Thomas

Substitute Markus Bengtsson



Playing system

There Will be three basic groups top eight in each will advance to final group. The remaining players will advance to placement group.

The results from mutual matches between players from the same Basic Groups will count in the Final Group and in the placement group

Top 16 in the final group will go to play off best of seven.

Top eight in the placement group will go to play off b best of five.


See the results page for tables and matches.

Plac Name Club
1. Lars Fridell Björkhagen Rangers
2. Filip Hamacek HCS Zabka Praha
3. David Nordström DAJM
4. Emil Larsson Umeå HSS
5. Björn Svedman Björkhagen Rangers
6. Patrik Hellström United Stars
7. Linus Restel Kaeltestarre 83
8. Martin Arenlind DAJM
9. Joakim Lundin United Stars
10. Peter Östlund Umeå HSS
11. Lukas Gustafsson Bröderna Grym
12. Marcus Andersson Umeå HSS
13. Matti Månsson Avantgarde Lund
14. Anton Jalneskog Bröderna Grym
15. Henrik Nilsson Tegelhuset OBK
16. Fredrik Hansson United Stars
17. Olof Blume Björkhagen Rangers
18. Johan Yrlid BH Chiefs BH
19. Joan Mencl Ley Avantgarde Lund
20. Mikael Wiberg Borlänge Bordshockey
21. Hugo Lönnqvist DAJM
22. Markus Bengtsson Bröderna Grym
23. Joakim Åström Umeå HSS
24. Hans Lindqwist BH Chiefs BH
25. Jerry Wikström United Stars
26. Hans Nordin Atletico Göteborg
27. Gustaf Hermansson Björkhagen Rangers
28. Stefan Lemming United Stars
29. Eddie Nilsson Tegelhuset OBK
30. Glenn Dahlberg United Stars
31. Simon Thomas Big Band
32. Richard Pedersen United Stars
33. Ulrik Nilsson BH Chiefs BH
34. Leonards Mazurs BJC Laimite
35. Ralph Pommerenke TEHC Black Forest Werewolves
36. Björn Ingevaldsson Björkhagen Rangers
37. Kai Armonies Kaeltestarre 83
38. Johan Estmo BH Chiefs BH
39. Anders Pettersson Tegelhuset OBK
40. Jakob Jonsson Björkhagen Rangers
41. Marcus Hilling BH Chiefs BH
42. Susanna Pössl FC Europe Juniors
43. Anna-Maria Wiberg Borlänge Bordshockey
44. Simon Johannesson BH Chiefs BH
45. Patrik Jalneskog
46. Rosanna Johansson
47. Jesper Ingevaldsson (*)
48. Herman Steen Umeå HSS

(*) = Aborted the tournament